Transgender Dating Tips for Newbies

First, I would like to say that I am a transgender woman, not an online ts dating expert. I have some transgender female friends who find true love. Next, I would like to share some information for guys who are interested in trans dating one of them.

Profile photo. This is the first thing we see. We need something to attract our eyes and maybe swipe right. Some of my transgender friends specially like guys who are confident about their body. They prefer to swipe right if they see half naked guys. But this varies from person to person. I prefer calm guys. I like guys who don’t need to try hard to show me something interesting, instead of his muscular body. Office pictures, sporty, travel or pictures with friends, pets, families are usually pleasant to look at. I like pictures that can tell stories to show that he has more than just a pretty face. I want to see a calm, funny man who are able to take care of me.

Self-introduction. This part is totally from my own perspective. I like talkative men, who can express his perspective. Even a weird guy can be attractive to me. I don’t like blank profiles. While if I meet someone on some trans apps that leave something about himself and the words are dirty and obscene, you can directly swipe right. Think of your profile as your resume.

Make full use of little features such as wink, like, etc. These features can usually be found in many transgender hookup and dating sites. If you are shy, these would be your perfect tolls. If you are afraid of being rejected, you can send her a wink and wait for her reply. Once you get the reply, you can start a conversation.

How to initiate your first message? You finally have the courage and opportunity to send message to your dream lover, but you don’t know what to say. I may not be your dream lover, but please do not request her phone number at your first message unless you want to be mistaken as a fake profile or scammers. Do not ask a transgender woman if she had done her breasts surgeries or not or how big her genital is. I know how much you like to take her into the bedroom, but do control yourself.

Make your first message clear and simple. Nothing can be more disturbing than pasting a paragraph from the internet. I don’t need to know everything about you. Do not sound like some spam emails messages.

You can start like this: Hi, nice to meet you here. I’ve read your profile and you look fun. If it is possible, I would like to get to know you more. Then insert some funny emoji to your content. That will make you look more friendly.